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How I fail every New Year

A month into the new year and who’s already using white out on the ole New Year’s resolution list? No worries, I’m raising my hand here...

Field Note Friday

Here are a collection of some of the various notes I've collected over the week ranging from quotes that I've come across to activities...

Vows To My Son

Son, I wish that I could promise you the world and all that you desire, but the last thing I want to leave behind are empty promises. My...

Rewriting Life Post Divorce

Rewriting Life Post Divorce Divorce at 25 was never in the plan; neither was falling in love so young, getting married, having a surprise...

Mount Consciousness

From the mountaintop we often find ourselves reflecting on our journeys in the state of clairvoyance created by the thinner air at the...

Meditations on 25

As I approach the dawn of what I hope to be the most productive and meaningful quarter of my life where I will be challenged to raise my...

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